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How a network and Communities of Practice might work - big picture and small steps
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I’m one of the group developing Networked City London, with the idea of combining smart, participatory, sharing models for an inclusive city. More about me here. A long time ago I was planning reporter for the London Evening Standard. Now I’m most interested in how anyone who is keen can create their own content, and have some influence.

Networked City has a blog that feeds this forum, which I manage as well as this forum. I hope to hear about your interests.

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Hi, I am Pete Burden, and I spend my time supporting people who are challenging the status quo in positive ways, and who realise that change always starts with oneself.

Specifically, I am interested in how changing our behaviour - how we participate (for example, the language we use) - alters the results we get. So I am keen to see how this community develops and do my bit to help with that.

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Hi -I am Barbara Brayshay I work with Nicolas Fonty, David Wilcox, Drew Mackie developing the Network City project - to build a network of researchers, community activists and others with a common interest in the use of mapping for social change, public engagement and community campaigning. I work with Nicolas Fonty, on just map - a mapping platform for civic action for a fairer London. An independent researcher,my interests are in the areas of social justice, digital media, community development and sustainability. .

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Hi I’m Drew Mackie, originally an architect and urban designer, but now working on network mapping in communities throughout the UK. I’m based in Edinburgh. I’ve worked with David Wilcox for many, many years and now working with Barbara and Nicolas to combine geographic and network mapping for the community good. I have both academic and practice experience mainly working long-term with communities to set up community companies and coops to support economic and physical development in Scotland, Northern Ireland and England. I also design games.

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Thank you Drew for sharing. What king of games did you design ? Any mapping games ?

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I’m Nikki. I run an enterprise support, learning and incubation agency working with changemakers to build on 4 key enablers, Time, Funds, Insight and the key for this forum - Connections. I’m really interested in understanding what makes networks effective and many related subjects around partnerships, collaboration and cooperation.

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Hi @Nikki - thanks for joining us, and posting an event. Hope to see more!