Our first year exploring how to make London a more Networked City with #ourwayahead

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Originally published at: http://networkedcity.blog/2018/02/08/our-first-year-exploring-how-to-make-london-a-more-networked-city-with-ourwayahead/

It’s now a year since we launched the Networked City exploration, so I’ve pulled the story together on our wiki. Main points below. We’ve reached the point where, together with Our Way Ahead, we have a set of proposals for Extending the Hub drawn on the one hand from The Way Ahead “official” research into…

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I’ve now updated the wiki to cover recent stages of our exploration saying:

Recent developments are summarised in this progress report April 2018. Overall:

  • We have developed this website as a knowledge base, linked to a blog, and an online forum that will be launched shortly. All blog posts and reports are listed here.
  • The new Hub for London has advertised a Networks Partner post where responsibilities reflect many of the proposals that we have canvassed during the Networked City exploration. That offers scope for future collaborative development.
  • We developed detailed proposals for a Community of Practice (CoP) that can contribute to achieving the Hub objectives, and then brought together potential founder members at an event on March 27 2018. The CoP will be based on the forum.
  • Drew Mackie and David Wilcox have worked with Nicolas Fonty and Barbara Brayshay to bring together - for the first time that we know of - ways in which we can integrate social network maps and geographic maps. There are background papers here, and Drew, David, Nicolas and Barbara are working a several practical projects to apply these methods, including a map of the potential CoP members.