Networking 101 Free Course from PlusAcumen

(Nikki Wilson) #1

The title doesn’t sound too promising but thought this course might be of interest - materials open for 8 weeks from 12th June and includes what sounds like some potentially interesting exercises. It’s recommended to do in teams of 2-8:

(David Wilcox) #2

Thanks @Nikki - that looks worth taking. 1.5 hours a week, free …

It sounds as if it focusses on building your own network, which is hugely important. Christine Capra, developer of Sumapp, has a good blog post distinguishing networking from network weaving.

We need both. I wonder what would it take to develop - or adapt - a network weaving course, perhaps with Slack and Zoom?

(Nikki Wilson) #3


Sorry @davidwilcox and all for delayed reply. I thought it might be interesting to see what tools are explored on the course. I’m a little reticent to commit as I don’t know where work is taking me at the moment and also have jury service coming up but if anyone else is keen I’d be interested in signing up. Am about to go offline for a few days but back next week.

(Nikki Wilson) #4

I’ve now set up and shared a series of team check-ins through the Together Tools meetup page. It would be great to bring together a team of 2-5 people to try this course out and perhaps get some ideas about how we could set up something similar or an add on to this course or alternatively just pick up some new insights into how to participate in and navigate networks for most value.

I hope you’re keen to join me - here’s the link: