Mapping for social and political change

(David Wilcox) #1

The tech coop Outlandish are running a monthly meetup in Finsbury Park, London, which “brings together experts and enthusiasts from the wonderful world of maps and all kinds of data visualisation. We will be showcasing a wide range of mapping projects that seek to bring about some kind of positive impact on society.”

It is featured on their Space4 events page with registration on this Meetup page.

The May 31 2018 event "will focus on how we can engage people in their cities and places using interactive maps.

“Participation is a buzzword in planning issues. But you need innovative and creative processes to engage a wide participation. Collective mapping is an interesting way to engage participation way but what if these mappings were also playful ? Would they be able to address a much wider and diverse audience ? What can we learn from outdoor or on board city games to engage wider participation in city making?”