Is this a "manifesto" for a CoP?

(David Wilcox) #1

The idea of a Community of Practice for people interested in learning together about mapping, network weaving and civic tech developed during discussions about the Hub for London - history here. With others I argued that the CoP could help carry through network building needed to complement the initially more centralised proposals.

In May 2018 the Hub published the recruitment pack for a Networks Partner post which drew heavy on our discussions. The responsibilities listed are:

  1. To offer support to civil society groups through the development and coordination of networks and forums, and by supporting existing networks (i.e. CVS Directors and Volunteer Centre networks) with a focus on co-production
  2. To harness the use of technology and develop new online forums and networks where civil society groups and partners can network and communicate
  3. To support on the development of new alliances where a need is identified
  4. To identify and link various networks to strategic leads across London via signposting and liaison
  5. To develop and expand existing partnerships to increase collaboration and the sharing of resources
  6. To establish new partnerships across London based upon key thematic programmes of work
  7. Provide a range of training and support programmes in line with the needs of the civil society groups and networks, including sourcing trainers, venues and implementing an evaluation process
  8. To identify training gaps and develop a training and development strategy to support the needs of the civil society within London
  9. Develop key programmes of work to share best practice and profile minimum standards for civil society organisations (i.e. minimum standards for organisations working with volunteers)
  10. Create online resources hubs, whereby materials, research and best practice models can be shared and used to inform future developments

As @PeteBurden indicated in an earlier post, it is up to the members of the CoP to set their own way forward, step by step.

But can the Networks Partner responsibilities also give us a sort-of big picture manifesto? Or is there a better term for some shared vision - if that’s necessary?

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(nicolas fonty) #2

thank you David for this hard work, yes it would be good to have a manifesto, and all these points are really good.
For me it would be important to emphasize 2 things:

  • focus on London
  • objectives of social changes for a fair and inclusive London