How to make London a more Sharing City - find out who's sharing already and fill the gaps

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Yesterday Tom Llewelyn came to London to launch Sharing Cities – Activitating the Urban Commons. It is a wonderful compendium of people, projects and organisations working together in 80 cities to create community-based solutions to challenges from housing to mobility, energy to water and waste. The launch, appropriately enough, was in one of the centres in…

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How to make London a more Sharing City

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well done David.
I like Tom’s advice. I also think we should try to connect with Time Banking groups.
I contacted Time Banking London Networks a few months ago. They were interested in mapping but we did not succeed to fix a face to face meeting. Perhaps we should try again together.

I also think that Time Banking could be a model for the civic school

Sharing is obviously the way. But land is the ultimate good which is not shareable at the moment. That’s why I think it is very important that groups as the Land Justice Network try to lobby governments to reform land policies and taxation.