How mapping visionaries for responsible tech could help develop a people-centred approach to Smarter London

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Doteveryone is underpinning their mission to champion responsible technology for a fairer society by mapping who else shares that vision. I think there’s scope for linking up with our Networked City mapping on the same theme, and using that to organise a group promoting people-centred design for London’s smart city. Doteveryone have worked with the…

Why Government and funders might give more support to community technology, social infrastructure and connecting citizens
(Christine Goodall) #2

Thank you for this David this looks very interesting and exciting and I can see obvous links to our proposed work at HEAR

Will consider further how to get involved


(David Wilcox) #3

Hi Christine - thanks for responding here. Do you find the forum accessible … or at least, the reply by email facility. If so, that’s a great encouragement to see if we can use it more widely, when appropriate.

(Christine Goodall) #4

Yes through the email function it is very accessible

We could consider as part of the discussions on sharing learning


(Barbara Brayshay) #5

Great resonance with these ideas and the feedback we have been getting from our consultation work on co-design with both residents and network members in projects at both neighbourhood and citywide scales here in London - Community building, collaboration, knowledge sharing and better communication are common themes to emerge - together with finding solutions that facilitate greater inclusion and participation for residents - and bringing individual groups together to build collective action for networks. It would be potentially very exciting to pilot a smart city ‘community of interest’ with doteveryone and others.

(David Wilcox) #6

Thanks Christine and Barbara. We could invite the mapping and tech people here … and there’s also potential interest from Healthwatch following an excellent event yesterday with RSA

Just seen on Twitter that Newspeak House will host an event with Smart City and others. Hope that could be useful to HEAR as well … representing civil society networking.

(Pete Burden) #7

This is great progress @davidwilcox.

Like the power of Twitter too!

(David Wilcox) #8

The Smarter London Togther report card - mentioned above - has one card on developing new approaches to digital inclusion
I think that should be digital participation, and we could gather a group of collaborators to map who’s doing good stuff, and who might collaborate in a network/Community of Practice.

(Myra Newman) #9

Good idea to gather a group of collaborators to map those doing good stuff and develop new approaches to digital participation as mentioned on The Smarter London Together report card.

Myra Newman

(Christine Goodall) #10


Thanks for this and alert to the card

However inclusion is important to retain and will be central to the HEAR project, inclusion and participation are both key but sometimes inclusion needs to come before participation…….?

(David Wilcox) #11

Thanks Christine - I agree completely that participation is not possible without the conditions, attitudes and support for inclusion, and that goes beyond accessible technology. It should be the foundation stone.

Beyond that, I think the goal should be for people to be able to participate in a society increasingly dominated by technology, but to do it on their terms.

A lot of previous support for digital inclusion has been around the idea of training for pre-determined Basic Skills - as in the Government programme. I think we need a complementary equalities approach that emphasises meeting specific needs of individuals, informal learning, and following people’s enthusiasms.

I hope we can build on some work done with Age Action Alliance and others a few years ago, when we developed the idea of a Learning network for the Digital Age.

(Christine Goodall) #12

Agree absolutely, pre-determined needs won’t work and I like your description which says it all


(David Wilcox) #13

Further thoughts on mapping, and the other elements of a civic operating system

(David Wilcox) #14

There’s a now a post and discussion here on Why Government and funders might give more support to community technology, social infrastructure and connecting citizens

One thought - rather than try to map London visionaries, we could focus on a borough like Camden, where lots is happening. That might be more manageable with our limited resources.