Handbook and tools for building networks

(David Wilcox) #1

Unlocking Networks is a resource hub providing a handbook, toolkit (shortly), case studies and resource links based on 18 months of work with 13 community business peer networks. It’s funded by Power to Change trust.
I went to a recent event run by consultants to the programme, The Social Change Agency and Shared Assets, and felt there was enormous potential for collaboration with people aiming to develop Networked City.
While Unlocking Networks has deep expertise in network development, there was very little on mapping - part from this really interesting case study of a network map developed by the Living Wandle Landscape Partnership.
Unlocking Networks is also aiming to develop a Community of Practice, and have started a Slack team.

How a network and Communities of Practice might work - big picture and small steps
(David Wilcox) #2

Unlocking Networks have now published their toolkit with discussion cards around key topics:

  • Value creation and exchange
  • Measuring impact
  • Purpose and identify
  • Managing change
  • Infrastructure and resources
  • Governance and power

I think that network mapping could be very useful in addressing some of the issues, particularly in Infrastructure and resources - for example, what are the communication channels, what assets does the network have, who is in the network, what roles are there.