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Hi Nicolas. I’ve designed around 40 games for government, corporate and community clients over a period of 40 years. The first games were created for students on the UD course in Aberdeen. The Basic Urban Game was played on a physical model of a town and simulated the politics of development. I sold this to around 10 schools of architecture around the UK (including the Bartlett I think). Other map based games included an Inner Cities Policy game for the Department of the Environment, a simulation of development in Vendas Novas in Portugal for the University of Lisbon, a simulation of regional autonomy in Spain for the Universities of Madrid and Santander and a planning game for the development of Oslo’s waterfront for a group of Norwegian achitects, More recently I designed an iPad based game for Andres Duany mapping the carbon consequences of locating various types of development. This was intended for use at charrettes.

The other games range from historical subjects (‘Bonnie Prince Charlie’, ‘The Prince’) to storytelling and network based subjects. We find games a good way of exploring the exchanges of assets in local networks and showing where things can go wrong!

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WoW ! impressive
Do you have any references to some of these works ?
Do you think that the Basic Urban Game would need to be updated to be
played today ?
(when was it designed and sold to the Bartlet? I would like to ask the

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I’ll email you a list of this stuff with fuller descriptions. I suspect the Basic Urban Game was mainly used for its wooden blocks rather than as a game - I know that’s what happened in the Oxford UD course. We have a version of it used in a process called ’ Random Town’ that we use with 11 year olds to create a large urban model in about an hour in teaching them about Urban Design. Also the ‘Children’s EcoCity’ project that I run with the Children’s Parliament in Scotland uses Random Town

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A document at lists a selection of games I have designed as well as network mapping and storytelling projects. I think that the Bartlett may have purchased a version of the Basic Urban Game ( in a big wooden box) around 1973. I have a B&W photo somewhere I’ll forward which also shows an primitive analogue machine we developed to analyse networks c1973