Funding opportunity for the Community of Practice

(David Wilcox) #1

This funding opportunity seems ideal for anyone interested in building a Networked City

City Bridge Trust: Connecting the capital

We want applications on this programme to achieve at least one of the following outcomes:

  • Local communities have better, more sustainable, assets (financial, physical, environmental).

  • Civil society organisations are more effective and resilient.

  • Londoners experiencing inequality or disadvantage are better heard and represented leading to better decision-making.

  • Londoners experiencing inequality or disadvantage have greater well-being and independence through improved access to arts, sports and other community facilities and services.

We therefore invite applications that will:

Here’s definitions from the City Bridge Trust Bridging Divides programmes:

Civil society support organisations: Organisations providing high quality, support-services for voluntary, community, and social enterprise organisations, either on a borough, cross- borough, or pan-London basis. We expect applicants to be able to demonstrate their engagement with The Way Ahead.
Voice and leadership: Second tier and specialist organisations that develop the voice and leadership skills of the voluntary and community sector.

Background here on the Neighbourhood City exploration, The Way Ahead and also Our Way Ahead. OWA is a network of the sort of organisations cited by the Trust - so we could explore working with them on proposals.

How a network and Communities of Practice might work - big picture and small steps